Yoga Services

We offer either private or group classes that are taylor made for our clients' needs. We also provide a searching service to locate the most qualified yoga instructors in specific areas, such as prenatal, postnatal and yin yoga to name but a few. Below are some examples of what we currently offer. Please feel free to contact us for any further inquires.

Yoga is an excellent complimentary system of exercise for athletes who seek that extra edge to unleash their full physical potential.

Improved flexibility through yoga greatly reduce the risk of injuries as well as optimize the body’s bio-mechanical movements. Vinyasa (Dynamic-movement) yoga sequence offers an effective cardiovascular workout that up-tunes one's body metabolism. Through arm balancing postures, one uses his/her own body weight as the means for strengthening/resistance exercises. Core strength is essential for any high performance athletic activities. Yoga offers a comprehensive workout on all core muscles, including the inner muscle groups such as internal oblique.

Pranayama (Breathing exercises) train athlete's respiratory system by specifically targeting the respiratory muscles (i.e. Diaphragm and Intercostals), and maximizing the lungs’ capacity through special breathing techniques.

Regular yoga practice improves athletes' body-mind awareness, resulting in highly efficient performance and better reflexes. Many yoga practitioners find their senses become more acute, subsequently focusing better and for longer periods of time. These are subtle yet crucial qualities that separate the best athletes from the rest.

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