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Yoga Services

We offer either private or group classes that are taylor made for our clients' needs. We also provide a searching service to locate the most qualified yoga instructors in specific areas, such as prenatal, postnatal and yin yoga to name but a few. Below are some examples of what we currently offer. Please feel free to contact us for any further inquires.

As a form of exercise, yoga can be beneficial for adults of all ages, especially seniors. Studies have shown that yoga can be extremely helpful when it comes to combating stress, fatigue and pain. Some yoga poses increase core strength and balance, which reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. Other poses can alleviate senior-related health issues such as menopause. Above all, yoga is a form of exercise that can help seniors feel younger.

Even though you may never be able to bend yourself into a pretzel, learning some simple yoga poses can improve your overall quality of life. Our experienced instructors will help you attain correct body positioning and encourage you to learn your body's limits. You may not able to perform all the poses or hold them for very long, but our teachers understand that and encourage you to do your best.

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